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Young Women

The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights is dedicated to supporting young Muslim women.

Young Muslim women not only experience disadvantage specific to their age and place in society, but also through the lives of their parents, including carrying intergenerational trauma. Whether young women are born in Australia or arrive at a young age, their experience of Australia will markedly define their identity, needs and their place in contributing to society. 

For young women, cultural demands within and outside their community are greater than those of their young male counterparts and their older female counterparts — their position is unique both in vulnerability and potential.

We believe that young Muslim women must be supported to meet all their challenges not only because they are vulnerable to abuse, but also because they embody the history, future and potential of the community. They are also the agents for change both within their own families, the greater diaspora and the larger Australian context.

Individual and group support

Our programs seek to empower young women with knowledge, support, communication and leadership skills to facilitate their settlement and growth as women. We provide individual support, particularly in matters related to family and education.

We  facilitate group work and conferences to support young women in matters of self-esteem and development of their identity, as well as mentoring and leadership skills to enable them to negotiate better outcomes in their lives.


We run a range of programs for newly arrived Muslim young women. These include:

Peer support sessions

These provide opportunities for newly arrived young women to meet other young migrant Muslim women who have chartered successful careers and lives in Australia so that they can be inspired to lead a positive future for themselves.

Living in Australia

This program focuses on self-awareness and identity in order to build confidence and strong communication skills.

Leadership program

This develops newly arrived migrant young women’s capacities to become active in school and community roles.

Study skills sessions

These provide tools and strategies on ways of managing studies and stress, enhancing research skills, acing their scores and getting ahead in their educational or vocational pursuits.

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The Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we conduct our work, and that sovereignty has never been ceded. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.