Working for equality

Our Work

We work to achieve Equality without Exception.

We contribute to public discourse on Muslim women’s issues, advocating for the rights of Muslim women through our programs, casework, research, publications and consultancy work.

In realising our vision, we use a human rights framework to amplify the voices of Muslim women. We acknowledge the inherent agency that Muslim women have.

Our research, programs and services aim to build capacity and raise awareness to break down structural barriers that exist for Muslim women in Australia, both within Muslim communities and in broader social and political contexts. 

Our consulting and training services build the capacity of organisations and partners to respond to Muslim communities through culturally safe, awareness-raising training. This work draws on the expertise we’ve built through working with Muslim women and young Muslims since 1991.


Community Programs

At the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights, we develop community programs tailored to the issues facing the Muslim community. These programs are delivered to Muslim women, mothers and young women, and cover topics including settlement, leadership, parenting and more.

The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights is strongly connected to diverse communities of Muslim women through its programs, which are delivered across Victoria.

Through delivering these programs, our goal is to inform and elevate our community, so they feel supported to thrive.

Our programs have been designed and crafted through extensive community consultation and experience in hearing the needs and voices of Muslim women on the ground.

The results of these consultations inform our service-planning to ensure services and programs are meaningful and relevant to those we work alongside.

Our community programs revolve around four key outcomes areas:


Support Services

The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights prioritises practical assistance for women and young women to improve their lives in tangible and meaningful ways.

Our services focus on the therapeutic benefits of supporting women to create practical changes in their lives, considering their strengths.

We advocate for equitable and respectful access for Muslim women to mainstream services, opportunities and resources. We are committed to providing intersectional, culturally responsive emotional support to help create trusting relationships between practitioners and their clients.

Secondary consultation with service providers and collaborative casework are further key services that contribute to sector capacity to respond to Muslim women in meaningful ways.



The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights produces a range of research and publications on topics relating to Muslim women in Australia.

We ground all of our recommendations for policy reform in an evidence-based approach to collecting data and regular consultation with our communities.

You can access all of our resources in various languages, here.

If your language isn’t available or if you are having any difficulties accessing our publications, please contact us.


Training and Consultation

The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights conducts a range of training programs aimed at increasing the cultural competency and capacity of companies, governing bodies and civil society organisations in Australia.

Our training programs include:

  • Islam and working with Muslim communities
  • Understanding Islam and family violence
  • Early and forced marriage.