Our programs

Settlement Programs

Our settlement programs are group-based sessions that focus on supporting disadvantaged or isolated Muslim women and their children to learn ways of navigating their new environments and to build social networks in the community.

They include the following programs:

Facilitating understanding of the Australian context

We deliver information sessions to enhance awareness and education on a variety of issues to newly arrived Muslim women, who are often unfamiliar with the systems, processes, laws, resources and services in Australia. Information delivered includes:

  • For parents: focusing on understanding the school and education system, school readiness programs, immunisation of children, and child protection laws.
  • For women: focusing on self-care and development, managing stress and trauma, women’s health topics, navigating Centrelink, financial support services, education, training and career pathways.

Parenting in the Australian context

We run parenting programs for newly arrived women that support them to unpack the concerns, anxieties and challenges of raising their children in a new environment.

The sessions allow women to share their experiences, ideas and parenting strategies in a safe space that validates their cultural identity whilst supporting them to find new ways and norms to parent their child in Australia.

Empowering newly arrived young Muslim women

The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights has a range of programs for newly arrived Muslim young women. These include peer support sessions, the Living in Australia Program and the Leadership Program. Read more here

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