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Ramadan Fundraiser

The Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights is a grassroots, community-led organisation, advocating for the rights and status of Muslim women in Australia. For over 30 years we have provided tailored, direct, and culturally appropriate support to some of the most vulnerable members of the Muslim community. Women, young women and children that have been affected by displacement. 

This Ramadan we are asking you to help Muslim women and children in need with crucial and urgent support.

By making a tax-deductible donation, you’re directly supporting vulnerable women and children, including those on temporary visas and people seeking asylum, who are facing significant hardship, often with no access to housing, financial aid, including Centrelink payments, legal access or pathways to permanent residency and financial stability. The increased prices for food and fuel and the lack of culturally appropriate services further exacerbate this need. 

That is where we come in:   

Over the last 3 years, your generous donations have helped migrant and refugee Muslim women by directly supporting 334 women and their families through groceries, schooling, medical and utilities assistance 

With your donations, we can make a difference by offering trauma-informed, culturally appropriate services to Muslim women and reducing isolation and financial hardship in the Muslim community.